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hifrend.com is a social network site where you can meet people from all over the world without any restrictions. The world more open and people traveling to anywhere, it will be easier for you if you have a friend there who can guide you.

hifrend.com is also a dating site, because there is no limitation on this site so people can easily connect with each other through an online friendship. Every time you make friends with someone you will get updates from every activity from all of your friends via newsfeeds. Newsfeed will also in charge of distributing your activities to all of your friends. It is another way to meet new people online to grow your network and fans.

You can send a message to those who you like with no charge, because this site 100% totally free, no money or credit card required, no hidden fees. You can use as you please but with the moral restrictions of course. Using this site will be more fun when you have a lot of friends. There are plenty of people who looking for pen pals or someone to improve their languages.

You will meet many singles men and women from UK, USA, Europe, Asian Countries and Australia who also looking for friends, long term relationship or only wants to have some fun, chatting online, etc...

There are also features to promote your profile, share your knowledge and thoughts with anyone, chances are you will get someone with the same interests.

Create best personal ads so many are attracted to you, complete your profile with a photo so people can learn your personality better though photo is not required. You can upload an avatar photo which then if you change your mind you can change it later. There is also a photo album to storing all your memorable photos when traveling or doing some activities. Wants to meet local people? use map to locate people near your location

Create your profile, make new friends, grow your network. It's fun and free!.